Twitch Exit Paves Way for Naver's New Game Streaming Dominance

 Naver, South Korea's leading technology company, is launching a new game streaming platform called CHZZK.


The platform is currently in its Closed Beta Test (CBT) phase, which is open to Naver employees only.

 An Open Beta Test (OBT) will begin on December 19th, with a full official launch expected next year.

CHZZK will offer Full HD 1080P resolution, a gamer-friendly interface, interactive community features, sponsorship options, and Video on Demand (VOD) replay capabilities.

 The platform's launch coincides with Twitch's announced withdrawal from South Korea, which is scheduled for February 27, 2024

Twitch's decision to exit the Korean market is due to prohibitive operational costs and unsustainable business conditions.

South Korea's "Netflix law," which imposes additional fees on content providers with high traffic volumes, is a major factor contributing to Twitch's exit.

Twitch has been operating at a significant loss in Korea and has been unable to find a sustainable path forward.

Twitch is committed to helping Korean streamers transition to other live-streaming services in the region.

Naver's CHZZK platform is poised to fill the void left by Twitch's departure from Korea.