Sprinklr's New AI Tool: Build Human-Like Chatbots in Minutes! (It's Crazy Easy!)

1. Sprinklr launches Conversational AI+ to deploy and scale generative AI-powered bots.

2. Conversational AI+ released as part of Sprinklr Service in version 18.11.

3. Businesses can now build human-like text and voice conversational bots.

4. Sprinklr 18.11 includes AI-powered features across all product suites including virtual assistants.

5. Conversational AI+ helps businesses build intelligent bots easily.

6. Bot personas can be created to tailor conversations to customer needs and preferences.

7. Sprinklr provides efficient solutions for businesses to address virtual and AI needs.

8. Conversational AI+ simplifies the process of building and managing advanced chatbots.

9. Businesses can improve customer experience and satisfaction with Conversational AI+ bots.

10. Sprinklr's latest release marks a significant advancement in conversational AI technology.