Meta's AI Scientist Warns Mark Zuckerberg: "Facebook and Instagram Could Go Extinct"

Meta AI scientist Yann LeCun warned Mark Zuckerberg that OpenAI's ChatGPT could pose a serious threat to Meta's business.


LeCun urged Zuckerberg to prioritize AI development and release a ChatGPT rival as soon as possible.

Zuckerberg initially resisted LeCun's pleas, but eventually came around to the idea.

 Meta rushed to develop its own AI assistant, which was initially called Genesis and later renamed LLaMA.

 Meta released LLaMA to researchers outside of the company in February 2023.

The code for LLaMA was leaked on 4chan shortly after its release.

Meta faced criticism from lawmakers for failing to conduct a proper risk assessment before releasing LLaMA.

 Meta is not alone in the AI race; tech giants like Google and Microsoft are also developing their own chatbots.

Meta has continued to invest heavily in AI, releasing new AI tools like Llama 2 and Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses.

Meta's future success will depend on its ability to develop innovative AI products that can compete with the likes of ChatGPT