Google's Killer AI Chatbot is Here and it Eats ChatGPT for Breakfast!

 Google launches Gemini, a new AI model for text, images, and video.

Gemini is described as "natively multimodal" and "most general."

Three versions of Gemini are announced: Ultra, Pro, and Nano.

Gemini Pro will power Bard, a chatbot similar to ChatGPT.

Gemini Pro outscores GPT-3.5 on six out of eight benchmarks.

Gemini Ultra will debut in 2024 and score 90% on the MMLU benchmark.

Gemini will be available in 170 countries and territories.

Gemini will be available through Google Cloud's API on December 13th.

Gemini will power suggested messaging replies on Pixel 8 smartphones.

 Gemini will be integrated into other Google products in the coming months.