Fallout 76: New Update Brings Sin City to the Wasteland

Fallout 76's Atlantic City update is set to launch on December 5th.

The update will be available to download during server downtime, which begins at 3pm GMT UK time.

 The update includes two new expeditions: Tax Evasion and The Most Sensational Game.

Tax Evasion involves helping Mafia accountant Billy Beltbuckles cook the books.

The Most Sensational Game challenges players to survive a "deadly race against the infamous Batsuuri Twins"

The update adds new locations, including the Neapolitan Casino and the Boardwalk.

The Boardwalk offers "deadly entertainment and the famous underwater Aquarium of the Atlantic".

A second Atlantic City update will add even more locations and features when it launches in 2024.

The update also includes new enemies and factions, including mobsters, showmen, and even government officials.

Players can unlock casino-themed rewards by completing challenges and unlocking S.C.O.R.E.